Do you have a Biblical worldview?  Our worldview has been defined as: A comprehensive framework of beliefs that helps us to interpret what we see and experience and also gives us direction in the choices that we make as we live out our days”. A Biblical worldview, then, would use the Bible as that “comprehensive framework of beliefs”.

A recent poll, however, revealed that only 9% of Christians believe in a Biblical worldview. The startling thing about that poll is that a lot of people said they had such a worldview but when asked specific questions about life, beliefs, and activities they revealed that their worldview wasn’t totally based on the Bible after all. They thought it was, but it wasn’t.  How can this happen?

One reason is Biblical illiteracy.  A lot of Christians simply do not know what the Bible teaches about some things. They neither study the Bible for direction nor understand scripture they claim to believe.

Also, many Christians allow themselves to be deceived by interpreting the Word by currently accepted morals and/or false teachings. One of the problems with false teachings is that only 50% of pastors have a purely Biblical worldview!  You read that right….only half of Christian pastors preach a distinct and unique Biblical worldview.  By denomination, Baptists fare a lot better than that…but it should be much better.

Not only is our life impacted by the irreligious and heathens of the land but it is also undermined by half-hearted Christianity and weak doctrine.  We need to get back into the Word. We must study it with more desire to learn.  We must be unafraid to take a stand on the very Word of God no matter the consequences. All the Word of God no matter how the world views it or what the world thinks.


Bro. Tony