What is “Conversion Therapy”? The church must pray!

There is a new term we, as Christians, need to be aware of:  “Conversion Therapy”.  What is that?  It is the term that homophiles and transgender sympathizers have coined to describe the practice of telling someone with homosexuality and/or gender dysphoria issues that they are neither healthy nor normal; that they have issues with which they need help.  There are already laws on the books in two states that address and forbid that.  But I’ll come back to that later.
I’ve always thought that Australia was a fairly conservative nation.  From many things I’ve read about their political ideology I thought them to have a good deal of common sense.  But now, I’m not so sure.  A bill has passed in the province of Victoria that would ban conversion therapy for those experiencing gender dysphoria….the belief that they are a sex other that their birth sex.  It will actually be against the law for parents to guide their children to understanding that their sex is determined by their DNA and physicality and to refuse them any drugs or surgeries that alter their sex.   What makes this bill even more terrifying is that there is no exemption for religious beliefs.  In fact, in many ways it seems to be pointed directly at churches.  It seeks to silence churches in every way…and get this….even praying!  I kid you not.  Here is the language that prohibits “carrying out a religious practice, including but not limited to, a prayer-based practice”. Bear in mind that this applies even if the subject asked for such prayer. For such a prayer you can go to jail for 10 years or face an enormous fine.
Before you say that couldn’t happen here in our freedom-loving nation I’m going to take you back to the laws in two states.  Both California and New Jersey have laws that make it illegal to counsel someone with homosexual tendencies or practices unless you affirm their delusion.  A professional psychologist or psychiatrist cannot tell anyone that homosexual thoughts or behaviors are not natural, healthy, or that are wrong.  For the time being, I assume, preachers can still say from the pulpit that God created man and woman to have a special relationship with each other and forbids same-sex relationships.  But note I said, “for the time being”.  As so-called “hate speech” is silencing opposing views in the public sphere, it is surely heading to silencing religious beliefs, too.
If you want to know how the current administration feels about the situation, note that President Biden just nominated a man who thinks he is a woman to be his assistant secretary of health.  That includes mental as well as physical health.  Do you see a greater push in the transgender movement in national policy and law?  I try not to be a “fear monger” but looking at the law in Australia (folks I thought were somewhat rational and intelligent), the appointment of a person with the mental issues to a place of authority in our own nation, and the current laws regarding counseling in the two states already…..I’m fearful for another pushback against and marginalization of Christianity in our beloved United States.
Christian, this calls for even more intense prayer for our leaders in every aspect of government from local to national.  It calls for courage and conviction to speak Biblical truth no matter the consequences.
Are you ready to do that?

Bro. Tony