I have voted in 14 presidential elections. I did not always vote wisely, but over the years I have tried to
focus on the platform of a candidate, that is, the candidate’s policies and programs. What will this
candidate bring to the table when it comes to things that matter to me: Religious freedom, the
economy, traditional marriage, abortion, illegal immigration, inflation, racial issues, taxes, and so on?
Do my Christian beliefs affect how I feel about those things? Absolutely. And they should. My
relationship with God and my obedience to His words should shape everything about me. But, honestly,
everywhere I turn I see Christian values scorned, misrepresented, and ridiculed by people with power
and influence, be it in politics or in media driven by politics.
We Christians are presented as racists, hate-mongers, uneducated and unreasonable, to name but a few
characteristics. Anyone who voted for a conservative ticket in the presidential elections recently is said
to approve of the candidate’s shenanigans and questionable activities (as described by the media).
Nothing could be further from the truth. Someone asked me how I could vote for a racist, lying,
dishonest, thief for president. I told him that could describe both candidates, so I just voted for the one
who wouldn’t kill as many babies. For some reason that made him even angrier.
In the upcoming election do not be afraid to vote for conservative Christian values. The world will treat
you badly because of it. They will insult you and malign you. But it’s not the world we are aiming to
please, is it?
Say good things about your Savior and His church on this bluff.
Bro. Tony