I watched a good bit of television as I grew up and I fondly remember the family gathering in front of the
television to watch certain programs. We enjoyed them together. The sitcoms were my favorite,
although I did watch my fair share of westerns and occasionally a detective program. I rarely watch any
new sitcoms, westerns are obsolete, and what detective programs are made are so boring and
predictable (for instance, if a Christian character is introduced, I immediately know “who did it” …the
sneaky, hypocritical, and “better than thou” church goer.)
But what has alarmed me more recently is the push to legitimize transgender ideology. I’ve stopped
watching any program that does that and, not surprisingly, I’ve had to turn off several. The latest was
just this past week when a program I had viewed for the first five episodes revealed that a teenaged boy
was actually a female and his loving sister worked for drug pushers and money launderers to pay for her
“top surgery”. Not so incidentally, that fact made her illegal activity morally justified.
Some will say: “Preacher, why make such a big fuss about it? Let people be who they want to be. It’s
really none of your concern.” Let me tell you why I make a fuss about it. First, it seems like transgender
people are all over the place, doesn’t it? There is at least one in every family group, office workplace,
and/or occupation. There isn’t. According to a recent study done at UCLA there are only 0.6% of the
population who identify as transgender. That is just over one half of one percent. Less that 1%! You
would have guessed more than that, wouldn’t you?
But here is the thing that really bothers me and throws up a significant red flag: Children ages 13 to 17
have three times as many who identify as transgender. Adults? 0.5%. Children 13 to 17? 1.4%. While
still a small number let me say it again: Three times as likely to identify as transgender. Children.
Do you think there may be any correlation to the fact that kids in school are exposed to the sentiment
that they can choose their own sex? Or that transgender is not only affirmed, but also encouraged?
How about the fact that even some that teach the children have gender dysphoria and are teaching
children that there is nothing wrong with that? Added to that, even children’s television shows that
purport to be “educational” are teaching children that they can be born in the wrong body or that they
can have a different sex than that they were “assigned” at birth.
The more we expose children to that foolish and dangerous lie, the more they will fall susceptible to that
insanity. So, no, it doesn’t need to be a part of television programs and movies. It doesn’t need to be
affirmed and encouraged by deranged adults, and it certainly has absolutely no place in the classroom.
Remember, God is not the source of confusion. That is the work of our enemy, the devil.
Say good things about your Savior and about His church here on the Bluff.
Bro. Tony