The Sin vs The Sinner – Transgenderism

              Does the Bible speak to the plight and struggle of people that are “transgendered”?  As a matter of fact, it does.  In the first section of Deuteronomy 22 God speaks of some common-sense, proper ways to handle certain situations. He commands that if you find someone’s property do all you can to get it back to them and to help your neighbor in times of need. In fact, he commands several things will set God’s people apart from a selfish and perverse world.
                Right there in plain sight (verse 5) God says this: “A woman must not wear men’s clothing, nor a man wear women’s clothing, for the Lord your God detests anyone who does this.” The Common English Version translates it like this: ”women must not pretend to be men, and men must not pretend to be women. The Lord your God is disgusted with people who do that.”
For many years, and to some extent today, people interpreted that verse as prohibiting women from wearing pants. I feel that the reason it was interpreted that way for so long was that the interpreters never gave serious thought to a grown man parading around in public wearing a sun dress and heels.  It was practically unheard of and would have been rightly seen as a sign of serious mental illness. A person didn’t need the Bible to tell them that, right?
Apparently, people do need the Bible to tell them that.  God detests such things, not because He hates peoples, but because such things abolish the purpose of His creation. It does so both in how nature works and how God’s creation glorifies Him.  He loves the sinner and wants to reclaim him/her through the blood of Christ.
As usual let me stress that we are to treat all people with kindness and understanding.  That doesn’t mean we are to affirm their choice as normal nor do we have to applaud their decision as “bravery”.  It also doesn’t mean we are to allow them to use another sex’s bathroom, sit in another sex’s classes, or participate in another sex’s athletics. There is nothing “hateful” about that.

But they are a creation of God and he loves them…just as much as He loves me and you.  They need our help and they need to hear the truth….spoken in love.

Say good things about your Savior and His Church on the Bluff.

Bro. Tony