The Role of the Church

I feel like I’m watching a country devour itself.  The anger and animosity between political parties rip through our nation not unlike the horrible hurricanes that have battered our shores recently. The true political divide has been laid open in all of its rawness and ugliness. Honestly, it’s a little scary, isn’t it?  The big question to me, as a Christian and as a Pastor, is “what is the role of the church in all of this?”
The first thing I want to point out that the primary function of the church is to spread the Gospel. We have to gauge our every word and action with the effect they will have on our ability to reach people for Christ. At the same time, because we are parents, grandparents, and citizens of an earthly nation we have the responsibility to protect our families and our freedoms as we deem best. Is balancing those two things difficult? I do not believe it is nearly as hard as some might say.
I do not advocate for one party or another from the pulpit.  I have learned over the years that there have been members of several political ideologies who sit under my preaching.  There are certain policies and activities that even sincere Christians with like theological philosophies can rightfully disagree: national security, foreign relations, fiscal responsibility, among others.  But when it comes to moral authority and what pleases God I do not hesitate to preach the Biblical truth and let the chips fall where they may politically.
I will always preach that abortion is wrong and that it violates the command of God. I will preach that a homosexual lifestyle is contrary to God’s purpose and that gender dysphoria is a sickness that God wants healed, not affirmed.  I will always preach that it is now and always will be God’s purpose for marriage to be between a man and a woman. I will preach that God ordained the family unit, a married man and woman raising their children together, as the essential building block of a civil society.
So when you enter into a discussion about politics help people see how love and compassion drive your beliefs on those matters, discussing them calmly, with honesty and integrity. And when you enter the voting booth I urge you to vote for the candidates that uphold and promote those values, be it Democrat, Republican, or Independent.
Say good things about you church and about your Savior.
Bro. Tony