The Human Body – Biblical Perfection

                14,000,000,000 years is a very long time, isn’t it? Science says that is the age of the earth; the beginning of life. If Christians dare to say that we believe that God created humans as a separate, distinct, crown of creation much later than that we are ostracized as being “science deniers”. Do we deny proven science? Does all evidence point to a single cell “something” eventually developing into the complex world in which we exist? Let me share with you why I don’t buy into that.
              First, because of the perfectness of the human body. Our bodies are amazingly complex with so many parts that function perfectly with their counterparts. The key word is “perfect”. Everything must work together perfectly, or something must be done to correct it…if possible. Lungs, heart, brain, circulatory system, digestive system, and all the others must work together. Evolution teaches us that all body parts evolved into perfectness; that at one time, and for a very long time, they didn’t function as they do now. You know what that tells me? It tells me that for an extremely long period of time there had to be human-like shapes with these organs and tissues developing…..but they couldn’t be alive because the organs were not doing what was necessary for life to exist. I therefore believe that it is scientifically impossible for human beings to “evolve” into perfectness.
             Secondly, the fossil record doesn’t support it. Bones have been found that are purported to be over a million years old that are “humanoid” in shape. There have been no fossils found that are “almost” humanoid in shape before that. Then some are found that are “anatomically 100% human” and are said to be 55,000 years old. There are no intermittent fossils in between that show an evolution of humans. Either the human existed all at once…or didn’t exist at all. I’m not saying we haven’t changed in height, weight, or even appearance in some respect due to medicinal breakthroughs and eating habits, but we have always been human.
             Next, is the wording of the evolutionary writings. Amongst everything I’ve read there appear certain words that allow the writers to bridge unexplainable gaps to tie the “evidence” together. Words such as “probably”, “apparently”, “theoretically”, “possibly”, “could be”, and others allow them to state what they think happened as fact. 2+2 doesn’t probably equal 4. It definitely, without question, equals 4. So, humans “probably” stepping aside from their monkey ancestors at some point doesn’t meet the standard of proven science. Despite the certainty that evolutionist have, there is admittedly a lot of jumping over the unknown to prove the known.
             Then, there is science, itself. Not every scientist agrees. Did you know there are many scientists that do not believe in evolution? There are many who, armed with the same scientific knowledge, come to a different conclusion. In fact, in my opinion, the overwhelming number of scientists who read the available data and come to the conclusion that evolution is a fact, do so because of the alternative. Read Psalm 19. The first six verses claim that nature itself proves there is a God. The following eight verses say that because God exists, He speaks to us and is right and just. We must listen to Him. Those verses make men seek to prove there is no power higher or no knowledge greater than theirs.
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Bro. Tony