The “Dogma” of your Faith – Does it live?

The religious affiliation of the current judges on the Supreme Court find that five are Catholic, two are Jews, and one is Episcopalian.  The new nominee, Amy Comey Barrett, is also a Catholic. So why the big deal about her religious beliefs among her detractors?  It is because she is a conservative Catholic.  Yes, even in the Catholic Church there is a divide between the liberal (called progressive…a misnomer if there ever was one) and the conservative wings.
The conservative Catholics still hold to the long-standing Biblical teachings on abortion, same-sex marriage, and transgenderism, to name but a few of their doctrines that liberals despise.  Because of that, Judge Barrett’s religious beliefs are a target. Even though the 6th Amendment forbids a person’s religion from being a factor in a nomination Judge Barrett has been told that her conservative views are “problematic”.
Senator Diane Feinstein recently said this in Judge Barrett’s confirmation hearing for her current position.  Of course, she tried to hide it behind the questionable tactic of calling Judge Barret’s faith her “dogma”. But then Senator Feinstein made a statement that, whether she knew it or not, was the biggest compliment a person can make to a person of faith.  She said “that dogma lives loudly within you”.
It’s about time the world sees people in positions of responsibility whose “dogma” of faith lives loudly within them.  Everyone who has opportunity to interact with a person of faith should see faith lived out…and lived out loudly.  Perhaps we can all learn from Judge Barrett
Will her appointment ultimately change the rulings of the Supreme Court? I hope so; there have been some questionable rulings in the last several years. And who knows? There may even be an opportunity to protect some babies’ lives.

Bro. Tony