The Christmas Season 2020

The Christmas season is upon us.  To be honest, it has been here for a few weeks already if we judge by the decorations in the yards and the music on the radio.  It seems people are ready to celebrate and, hopefully, put a strange year behind them.  Usually at this time of the year it is my job as a pastor to urge you to hold up on the secular aspect of Christmas and focus on the true meaning.  I’m going to approach it a little differently this year.
In these few weeks leading up to Christmas Day I want you to focus on the joyfulness, good will, happiness, and excitement of the normal secular aspects of the season.  Put up a sparkling tree, ride around and look at all the lights, roast chestnuts by an open fire, belt out “Frosty The Snowman” and “Jingle Bells”, and enjoy the festivities of Christmas. Go ahead…milk all the wonderful emotions you can from the things going on; the body and the mind needs it.
But, and I hope you saw this “but” coming, purposely carve out some quiet time each day and thank God for all He does and all He gives.  Spend that time contemplating on the goodness and grace that God shows you each and every day of your life.  Thank Him for His love that sent the Christ Child to that manger knowing that the end result of that birth was death on the cross.  And, as you spend that time each day with Him, ask Him for the opportunity to share the real meaning of Christmas with folks during those festive and fun times.
As we focus…purposely…each day on God it can, and will, multiply all the emotional aspects of our life we need at this time and allow us to really magnify the true meaning of the birth of our Savior.  And I believe that as we draw closer to God daily we will find that the real joy and excitement we are celebrating emanates from the One who came to save….not from twinkling lights and festive songs.  I want you to have a truly Merry Christmas!

Bro. Tony