“The Chosen”

There is a limited-series program entitled “The Chosen”. I’ve heard from several people that is was good
and entertaining. I have been asked what I thought of it. I hadn’t seen it, so I began watching. As of this
writing, I have seen the first three of the eight episodes and did not see anything basically wrong with
the theology…yet.
There are several occasions that are depicted that, while it doesn’t interfere with Biblical truth, it is not
discernible from scripture. For example, the program has Nicodemus performing an exorcism on Mary
Magdalene before Jesus helps her. It has a backstory of Andrew and Peter colluding with Roman
soldiers to catch Jewish fishermen who are fishing on the Sabbath. It also shows Jesus teaching children
on several occasions well before He began His ministry. Could these thing have happened? They could
have, and it wouldn’t change anything about our understanding of Jesus. But did they happen? We
have no way of knowing because they are not recorded in scripture or alluded to in any early Christian
writings. So, by all means, do not believe that the extra-Biblical events are true. Entertaining possibly,
but not true.
But here is the troubling part: The film is a Mormon production. Yes, I said Mormon. Now, we have to
understand that the Mormon beliefs about Jesus greatly and wrongly differ in extremely important
ways. According to Mormon doctrine, Jesus is not God in the flesh. Rather Jesus is one of several
spiritual children of God (Satan is His spiritual brother!). Not only that, but He was not conceived of the
Holy Spirit, but was physically fathered by God, Himself. His death on the cross was not sufficient for
our salvation but must include works. In fact, according to Mormon doctrine, Jesus actually
married…possibly two wives.
This program will not include most of those beliefs because they understand that Christians would
quickly turn the show off. But neither will it affirm Jesus’ deity and the sufficiency of His atonement on
the cross. The Mormons lure people in with the most basic of Biblical happenings, then add the Book of
Mormon, twist that around a book called ‘“The Doctrines and Covenants”, and soon have you believing
that you can be a god of your own planet.
I’ll watch it through to its conclusion and let you know if I spot any obvious and dangerous false
doctrine. In the meantime, watch it if you will…but do not develop any theology from what it shows.
Say good things about your Savior and about His church here in Bluff Park.
Bro. Tony