“The Chosen” update

I need to make a small correction about the production of “The Chosen”. It is not a Mormon production.
The head of the studio is an evangelical Christian. However….it was filmed on the set of a Mormon
reproduction of Jerusalem and there are, indeed, Mormons involved with the production. That being
said, I stand by my statement that the program will not go far enough to show or claim that Jesus is God
in the flesh. To the Mormons, that is heresy and they would not permit that with any production they
are involved in. They will permit Jesus to be presented as the “Messiah”, but to them…that doesn’t
confer any deity on Him. Just be careful watching it.
How would you like to have a study about what Mormons truly believe? On Wednesdays, beginning
February 15, I will begin a study on Mormonism. I hope you will come as it will be informative and cover
some things that the common person is not told about their beliefs. Perhaps then you can better
understand my belief that a collaboration between Mormons and Christians about Jesus is problematic.
On a different note, did you know that Summit Baptist Church will turn 125 years old in October of this
year? You may wonder why that is a big deal to us. Well….Summit Baptist Church was later renamed
Bluff Park Baptist Church…and later renamed Church on the Bluff! Yep….we will be celebrating 125
years of serving the Lord here in Bluff Park! It’s not too early to look at your calendar and make sure you
to save the first two Sundays. Why the first two? Because we haven’t settled that yet. And, who
knows…we may celebrate both Sundays!
Say good things about your Savior and about His church here in Bluff Park.
Bro. Tony