The Battle isn’t lost

                I often wonder, in a nation with 83 percent of the people identifying as Christian, why we are going through the moral/social crisis that we are.  And make no mistake about it, we are going through a crisis.  The fact that we are actually arguing about what makes a person male or female is ludicrous; absolutely insane. It is the apex of foolishness, yet many learned people are being brainwashed or shamed into espousing that very idea. Why is that so? Why is that belief even grabbing a toehold in our thinking?

As a Christian I believe it is another in a string philosophies that show how far our nation has drifted from God and His purpose for creation. It is also another point of contention Satan is drawing to discredit the very Word of God in order to marginalize Christianity.  Let me explain.

As Transgenderism is vigorously promoted as normal and natural the people who disagree with that are branded as “transphobic” and “hateful”. We already see that and it will only get worse.  When Christians point to the Bible as their guiding view for a male/female sexual identity, then the Bible is  regarded as a “hateful” piece of literature; it is seen, by those brainwashed to see Christians as haters, to be book filled with hate.  It stands to reason then that we should not use, for any of our ideals and laws, a “hateful book”. See how easy it is to make the connection that transgenderism is natural so the Bible is hateful?

The devil is sneaky and crafty, to be sure. How else, unless blinded by the father of lies, can someone take the most loving, compassionate book ever written and view it as hateful?  We Christians have a long road in front of us.  Just remember this one thing: God doesn’t change minds…He changes people. Pray for un-believers and the true “haters” of God.   The battle is not lost.


Bro. Tony