Take ALL Life Seriously

                The Alabama legislature passed a bill that would make it illegal to perform an abortion for any reason other than the physical health of the mother. Naturally the pro-abortion folks almost blew a gasket. The liberal, abortion-loving media, of course give a much louder voice to pro-abortion fanatics than to those opposed to abortion. (Did you hear about the 20,000 people gathered for a pro-life rally in Times Square on May 6th? Of course not. Not one single mainstream news organization covered it.)  And they allow the people in favor of abortion free reign to frame their rhetoric as they please, with no questioning of motive or statistics; never following up with common sense questions that may contradict the belief that abortion should be free and easy for anyone and everyone.
                In the last couple of weeks I’ve seen and heard people offer up their various mantras:  “it takes away a woman’s bodily autonomy; my body, my choice”, “it discriminates against women of color”,  “men, if you can’t have a baby you shouldn’t make laws about pregnancy”, and those arguments are so hypocritical.  It is, indeed, taking place within a woman’s body, but its not to her body abortion destroys. She wants to make a decision about someone else’s body!  I saw a woman holding a sign that said, “stay away from my uterus” and I thought “well if she showed that sign to all the men in her life she would have nothing to worry about, now would she?”
                Is it really discriminatory against women of color?  If someone really wanted to reduce the black population, access to abortion would be on top of their list. I’ve heard that most Planned Parenthood abortion clinics are built close to the black population of major cities.  That’s kind of racist, don’t you think? Anti-abortion folks want babies of color born too.
                You see, the question that is of utmost importance for Christians, and I believe every moral human being, is “when does life begin?”  Many say that the “thing” being aborted is an embryo or fetus. Embryo is Greek for “young one” and Fetus is Latin for “little one”.  Both imply baby.  So, at any stage, a life is ended.  That is why, even compassion for those who have been molested or raped, should not cause the death of the young one inside them.  Will it change their life? Of course, it will and those who sexually prey on women should be severely punished, and more so if they cause a pregnancy.  But understand this, life is still life and I do believe we do not have the right to arbitrarily end it.   What you are truly saying when you want to add the exceptions, I mentioned is that no child of molestation or rape should have ever been born.  Would you really tell someone conceived that way that you wish they weren’t alive?
Christian, take life….all life…seriously.
Say good things about your Savior and His Church on the Bluff.

Bro. Tony