Sound Theology

        (Pastor Tony’s Blog for 6/27/19)
              If you look back at the years before the Civil War you will find a deep division in our nation; so deep that fellow citizens took up arms against each other.  Brothers fought against brothers and fathers against sons. The result was of course widespread death and destruction.  Regardless of the motivations for the Civil War, what strikes me is that both factions purportedly had God on “their side”.  Yes, both sides claimed to back up their position with sound theology.  Our own Southern Baptist Convention was formed as a result of our Christian leaders and churches supporting the institution of slavery.  How is it possible that the Bible can be so misconstrued?
                It is fairly easy if you want it bad enough.  We simply bow to the will of the people we want to impress and interpret the Bible according to whims of the culture in which we live. And apparently many people still want to do so badly.  In the deep divisions and turmoil that mark our nation now we have theologians on both sides of the issues claiming moral, Biblical superiority. The Southern Baptist Convention was on the wrong side of theology one time; let’s be sure not to succumb to popular cultural opinion on this occasion.
                Several major Christian denominations turn a blind eye to sound doctrine and Biblical truth, instead interpreting scripture in a way that they feel will endear them to the cultural desires of the world. As God’s Word is absolutely clear on His love for everyone He created, it is also very clear on His purpose and plan for His creation.  Scripture is clear on God’s hatred of sin and His desire that people repent of their sin and turn back to him. And it iss clear that the reason He hates sin is because He loves the sinner so deeply.
                So Christian, let’s not be swayed by public opinion and let’s come to the conclusion that it is OK to put down because we hold up the Bible.  Let’s stand united on the fact that the taking of a life in the womb is wrong. Let’s be strong on our stance that marriage and family are to reflect God’s creative purpose of male and female and that those are the only two sexes and are assigned prior to birth.  And remember this:  God’s purpose is to love and redeem sinners so our message to them should always be that God loves them and wants to save them from the results of their sin.
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Bro. Tony