I often use a rather simple definition of sin: Anything that violates the character and purpose of God. I
think that sums up sin pretty well. The necessary corollary to that is this: We can only know the
character and purpose of God through His revelation of Himself to us through the Bible. The Bible
shows us that God is higher, nobler, and different than mankind and we are to aspire to grow in grace
and knowledge of Him; to become more like Him.
The so-called “gods” that are the product of human thought and invention all exhibit characteristics of
human desires, a more carnal nature. Think of the gods of Roman and Greek mythology. They were
gods who lusted and lied, sexually driven with desires of power and authority. They sought to lift
themselves up and denigrate women and children. The same with the type of god that the Mormons
and Muslims worship. We are not called to become more like their gods because we are already
exhibiting their type of character and purpose. They are the imaginations of the mind of a fallen world,
interjecting a false god into lives and morals. All of these had to write another book to paint a picture of
the type of god they desired.
Then there are those that say there is no God. At one time, these were very thoughtful people who
believed in the “rational” and “obvious”, therefore they did not think they needed a god or creator to
guide them and teach them. Their character and purpose was whatever seemed to bring them
fulfillment and times of happiness. The problem with that is that there is no stopping place; no barriers
of absoluteness. We are seeing the resulting folly of that type of thinking when all of a sudden men can
merely think themselves a woman and they are…and men can have babies. Despite the sheer insanity
and wrongness of those things, they are being accepted as fact. Why? There is no God and thus no
Bible to guide us. The world has cast off restraints and become fools.
Could it be any more obvious that we need the Bible to reveal the character and purpose of God to us?
Otherwise, it’s only going to get worse.
Bro. Tony