Seperation of the Government and Church

           Yet another politician has called for any organization that doesn’t recognize and support the LGBT agenda to be marginalized by the government. The goal is to strip churches of their tax-exempt status as a charitable organization and, I believe, to eventually force churches to hire employees and staff that believe contrary to Biblical truths. The church would become just another workplace guided by Godless government regulations. Any church doctrine that opposed the current politically correct insanity that floats around would be deemed “hate speech” and would be forbidden and somehow penalized. In essence, the government would dictate parts of our theology.
                When you think about that, it is the ultimate irony. People scream and wail that we need the “separation of church and state” because they don’t want Christians to express their beliefs in a government forum to affect policy. However, they are perfectly fine with the reverse: the government controlling the church. History shows us that it was the latter issue that caused the pilgrims to seek out a new land of opportunity.
                In 1534 England broke ties with the Roman Catholic Church. The reason was because of Henry VIII’s political and marital issues. The Church of England was basically forged by what the King (the government) believed. The church and state became tied together. Not because the church had taken over the government but because the government took over the church! The Pilgrims, because of their religious beliefs, were in many cases considered traitors because their beliefs did not match the government’s beliefs. Sound familiar?
                Is that just another wild “conspiracy theory”? I don’t think so. The Christian church, despite her failures from time to time, has been the last bastion of civilized, Godly morality in our nation. Preaching and teaching the Bible, the church has pushed back against the downward spiral of morals and civility. The Bible says in Proverbs 29:18 (NIV) “Where there is no revelation (from God), people cast off restraint.” The concept of restraint tells us that not every urge should be acted upon and not every feeling is healthy. It tells us that we don’t need to put every thought into action or make every desire a reality. Restraint is one of the things that set humans apart from the animal kingdom.
            The church has been the main weapon in the battle to prevent the chaos that an unrestrained mind can bring. So, yes, if you want a nation that allows and celebrates perversion, selfishness, anarchy, and lawlessness the first thing you must do is cast off the restraints that God points out as destructive, dangerous, and unhealthy: destroy the influence of the church. And you can’t deny that we are seeing that on massive scale in our government today.
Say good things about your Savior and His Church on the Bluff.

Bro. Tony