There was a lot of noise recently when some parents demanded that a certain book be removed from
the required reading list of an eighth-grade class at school. The book contained nudity, obscenity, and
controversial sexuality. The parents simply did not think the subject matter was appropriate for their
children of that age. They received a lot of backlash from folks because they thought they “knew better
than the educators”. The fact of the matter is that parents do know their children better than the
educators and they know the values and morals they want to instill in their children.
Schools should be a place where children are taught the basics of things that will help them achieve
success: Reading, writing, math, simple sciences, geography, history, and the like. Instilling unproven
and radical political ideologies in children should not even be on the radar of a school’s responsibility.
Even when teaching biological sciences, stick with biology…not fantasy sexual confusion.
Why have a special day to celebrate LGBTQ+ pride? Really. What has that to do with education? That
doesn’t educate…it indoctrinates. Leave the pronouns to the English instructor instead of a math or
history teacher explaining how to use plural pronouns to refer to themselves as singular person. Teach
children facts that are facts, not the whims of ideology that shift with an increasingly depraved mindset.
Parents have the intrinsic right to see that their children receive a useful education unfettered by
ideologies of government groupthink. The Bible has a lot to say about parents teaching their children
the truth of Godly behavior and lifestyles. Don’t relegate that responsibility to a school system rife with
falsehoods and liberal nonsense.
Say good things about your Savior and His Church on the Bluff.
Bro. Tony