SBC Convention 2019

              The Southern Baptist Convention will hold its annual meeting in Birmingham on June 11-12, 2019.  Because our Vacation Bible School is also scheduled that week, I will not attend all sessions.  But I hardly ever attend the yearly meeting.  Why?  The main reason is that the SBC, in general, remains theologically sound; holding onto longtime doctrines that have defined our faith over the years.  Yes, there was a troubled time several years ago when a conservative /liberal squabble made headlines and caused some division.  But even then, when the dust settled, we remained true to our core convictions.
                The conventional meeting is a good time of fellowship, catching up with friends, and the preaching is spectacular.  But we will not face popular cultural shifts in our theology.  No one will bring a motion to the floor to form a committee to study ordaining practicing homosexuals.  There will be no resolution offered in support of abortion. The convention will not issue a statement agreeing with the LGBTQx agenda.   Why?
                Because the Southern Baptist Convention does not have any authority over the churches.  Quite the opposite. The churches of the Convention determine the stance on issues.  That is why there is a yearly convention.  Not only that, but the smaller churches are not without a voice. Based on certain criteria such as membership and monetary giving each church can send “messengers” to vote on any and all issues that come up. But the maximum number of messengers is limited to no more than 12.  Using the formula, even a church our size is not left out: we can send 9 messengers.  That’s right. The largest churches in Birmingham can send only 12 people to vote while we can send 9.
                Therefore, should any of these types of “culturally driven” theological doctrines arise, over 47,000 SBC churches would direct the convention where to stand; not the other way around.  And even then, God forbid, if the convention began drifting toward “cultural Christianity” we, as a church, could simply withdraw by refusing to support the convention.  We are autonomous and receive no monies from the convention. We own our own property.
                But that is not going to happen because of the many…many… Biblically conservative churches such as ours who refuse to change the Bible to accommodate the whims and fancies of a world with no moral compass.  So, I’ll attend some sessions and hear some great preaching.  And I’ll give thanks to God that I’m part of a church that is part of an effort to cooperate with all churches of like theological heart to spread the Gospel of Christ across our nation and our world.
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Bro. Tony