Public Education

Tolerance. Diversity. Discrimination. These words are in the forefront of cultural ideology today.  Each one has become a measuring stick for people’s belief and actions; a public badge of either honor or disgrace. There is just one problem and it’s a large problem: who gets to decide the acceptable limits of each? For Christians, especially, that question is important.  There are, indeed, some times when we should not be intolerant.  There are situations in which too much diversity can be detrimental to Christian rights.  And Christians should be very discriminate people, when it comes to certain things.

Nowhere is this as obvious and important as in our school systems. I believe in public education; I’m a product of public education. I believe that it is in the best interest of children, as well as the public good, to receive a good education. I also believe it is one function of a good government to assist parents in the education of their children.  There are immutable sciences and disciplines that every child should at least be exposed to in order to give them a chance to compete in an adult world.  Math is important, of course, as is the science disciplines, english, geography, and history. I enjoyed social studies in school and civics gave me a good understanding of how government and politics work.

But what about morals?  Do lifestyle choices need to be taught by schools? At what point does education become indoctrination? Teaching a child that 2+2=4 is good.  That will not change and there will be countless times in our lives when addition will come in very handy.  But should we allow schools to teach children that a male can become a female simply by thinking it to be so?  There is certainly not any measurable science discipline that makes that a fact. To indoctrinate impressionable children with such “pseudoscience” is uncalled for and detrimental to a child’s mental health and well-being. Those things are then responsibility of the family.

There is so much more that should be left to parents.  And Christian parents should be intolerant of schools usurping their family responsibilities.  We should be very wary of including changing morals and mental states as science and fact.  We should discriminate against such teachings.  The government is not our nanny and when it comes to morals, ethics, and lifestyle the government is not our master.  God is. Christians should be allowed to send their children to a school to be taught solid fundamentals without fear of godless indoctrination.


Say good things about your church and about your Savior!


Bro. Tony