Webster Dictionary defines morality as “The quality of being in accord with standards of right or good
conduct”. I think everyone would agree with that. However, a huge problem arises when the definition
of “good” and “right” is changed. The question is “who defines what is good or right?”. Is it a personal
choice where my “right and good” is different than yours? That would be chaotic, wouldn’t it? Then it
must be a collective decision by the majority of people…right? Not necessarily.
Take, for instance, the thoughts on allowing children to choose their own sex and be medically
transitioned. While the overwhelming majority of people would disagree…public law permits it in most
states. And any state that makes it illegal is severely maligned for not having “safe medical care” for
transgenders. So, it is clearly not a majority decision that determines right from wrong. So what is it?
I believe it to be a combination of things. It is a government run by people who pander for votes to
maintain their lucrative jobs and prestige. It is also the takeover of our places of higher education by
extreme liberal left-wing loonies. But it couldn’t happen without the assistance and cooperation of a
biased media. It’s a perfect storm of political extremism.
Keep in mind this one important thing: they all know that their idea for a left wing extreme society
cannot coexist with evangelical Christianity. Over the years…slowly and deceptively…Christianity has
been marginalized in our government. It is not surprising to see the step that they have now taken. Any
Christian running for national office is being branded as a “Christian Nationalist”. The public is being
told that a Christian Nationalist will, if elected, establish a state church, erase many freedoms, impose
strict religious teaching in schools, and relegate women to secondary status…among many other lies.
It's amazing, isn’t it, that a nation built on Christian principles, is now being told that Christian principles
will be its downfall. Only Satan could pull that off.
Say good things about your Savior and His church.
Bro. Tony