Media Bias of Christians

                Have you ever wondered, like me, about the fascination in the media about all things Muslim? It’s almost as if those in the entertainment/news industry have decided to be Islam’s personal promoters and most certainly defenders.  I had noticed, as have you, that there is a clear difference in how TV programs (and of course news outlets) portray Muslims and Christians.
                I used to watch a certain long-running police mystery program.  Over the last couple of years, it was a running joke with me that if a Christian character was ever introduced there was no mystery: he or she “did it”; guilty as sin. I finally stopped watching it when on two occasions a Muslim was a suspect and the program went out of its way to clear their good name at the expense of the ignorant and conservative folks who looked at them with suspicion.
                But I think the most obvious and “over the top” example lies with Sports Illustrated.  That magazine puts out a yearly “Swimsuit Edition” that is easily their best seller. It has nothing to do with sports, of course, and everything to do with near-naked women in provocative poses, leaving little to the imagination (or so I am told…word on the street, you know). However, this year they will feature a Muslim model in a full-body “burkini”, a total body covering revealing nothing but her face.
                I applaud her modesty, I really do, and I wish that Christian women would take a more modest stance with their swimwear.  However, would they really have us think that over the years there has not been a single God-fearing, Christian model that would have posed in a modest swimsuit? I can hear the powers-that-be in cooperate saying “who wants to see that? We have a magazine to sell”.
                So why, all of a sudden, are they going to publish a fully-clothed model?  It’s certainly not to sell magazines.  Though they call it the swimsuit edition, I’ve always referred to it as the “lack of swimsuit” edition:  There is very little swimsuit involved. I got my answer as I watched an interview with her on a morning news show.  She said she was going to use this opportunity to “push my platform”. Hmmmmmm, I wonder what her platform is? I expect there to be some smokescreen social issue, but bottom line it is this: Muslim good. Christian bad.  Thank you, Sports Illustrated, for showing the true colors of a post-Christian culture.  There is no plausible way to spin your action into any thing less than blatant promotion of Islam.
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Bro. Tony