I recently mentioned that marriage was now seen strictly as a “mutually beneficial legal contract”.  I
suppose that many, if not most, people have always viewed it as just that:  A contract.  As I mentioned in
that sermon, Jesus said that marriage was a spiritual thing.  “…and the two will become one flesh”
(Matthew 19:5).  That is spiritual…and that makes a difference!
I know that there is a much quoted mantra that Christians get divorced at the same rate as the world.  In
a sense that is true, but it is very misleading.  You have to dig a little deeper to get to the truth about
Christian marriages.  There is a huge difference between when the couple is only nominally committed
to their faith and when the couple is truly committed to their beliefs.
This is a quote from the Gospel Coalition website:  “Couples who regularly practice any combination of
serious religious behaviors and attitudes—attend church nearly every week, read their Bibles and
spiritual materials regularly; pray privately and together; generally take their faith seriously, living not
as perfect disciples, but serious disciples—enjoy significantly lower divorce rates than mere church
members, the general public, and unbelievers”.  What is that rate?  How about 35% less likely to get
divorced!  That is a significant number (though not as good as I believe it should be). 
When marriage is viewed as sacred and when both husband and wife are committed to their Lord,
marriages last longer. It is that simple.  But notice I didn’t say it was any easier; it is definitely not easier. 
Easy is just giving up.  Easy is jumping ship and running.  Easy is crossing the fence to supposedly greener
grass. I say it like this when I talk to couples about marriage:  A marriage that will last is one where you
are willing to make an unconditional commitment to an imperfect person. 
“Unconditional commitment to an imperfect person”.  No conditions on your love and willingness to
forgive and the realization that your spouse will mess up sometimes.  Easy? No.  Enduring? Absolutely.
Bro. Tony