Male and Female – Created Different by God!

The Big Sky Athletic Conference just named a male as their “female athlete of the week”. A senior at the University of Montana, June (his female name) “Eastwood” has been competing as a female since August of this year. Previously he ran on the male track team at the university. The male-to-female transgender athlete is becoming a problem in sports. In every case where these athletes supposedly and miraculously turn into girls they begin dominating the competition. While the “progressives” deem this a triumph and victory for transgenders the females that they constantly defeat are not happy campers. You won’t hear the dissenting stories on the main-stream media outlets because they don’t want you to know about them and because most dissenters are bullied into silence.
I strive to always present things from a Christian perspective; a Christ-like, Biblical view. And I will do that here. But first, let me just speak of common sense. You don’t have to be a Christian or Bible scholar to know that this transgender movement is head-in-the-sand madness. Males and females are different in so many ways, but the most obvious is physical. That is precisely why there are both male and female teams in physical competition.
But the radical agenda of destroying norms and Christian culture ignore the obvious and natural. Why? What possible reason could an otherwise intelligent person have for saying that there is no difference in males and females? Or that a person can just change their sex simply by changing their mind? I believe there are a couple of reasons.
First, because it makes them feel superior to the “un-washed masses”. That is superior in their compassion for those who are “different”. That is why those who disagree with them are called haters. Also, it makes them feel superior in their philosophy of life. They believe that they know the “truth” because the haters just can’t understand.
Politically, of course, there are votes to count. A politician will not get as much positive coverage if he or she doesn’t toe the left-wing line. That will cost votes. Most politicians weigh their conscience by votes. That is why the policy changes occur. One presidential candidate a few years back changed her beliefs about same-sex marriage because the Democratic platform embraced that philosophy.
And I may be alone in this thought, but I believe that a deep-seated hatred of all things Christian is driving the changes we are seeing in our society. Think about it: many policies of the “world” embrace things that the overwhelming masses of Christians are against based on their Biblical beliefs. I don’t think that is a coincidence. Satan is most definitely at work.
But do NOT be discouraged. Ultimately God is in control. The church never has and does not now need governmental permission to spread the gospel! Stay strong and focused on the Lord!

Brother Tony