Loving the Unlovable

        Is it possible to love “unlovable” people?  Admittedly, it is tough, but I believe we can do it.  It is important, though, to understand what I mean by “love”.  In 1 John 4, verses 8 and 16, we are told explicitly that “God is love”. Simple enough right?  Well, not exactly.  What we are apt to do is read those words backwards.  Let me explain.
     We choose the wrong word to define the other.  God is love? Well, let’s define love and see what God is. Right?  We then come up with a very “worldly” definition of love and that then describes and characterizes God.  If love means we affirm perverse lifestyles and mental issues because that means we “love” that person then we have defined God as One who would do that.  If our definition of love is that we “live and let live” so that someone can feel good about themselves, we have designed a God who would do that.  But we shouldn’t understand God by a ‘humanistic’ definition of love.  Quite the opposite.
     Do you want to know what “love” truly is?  Then you have to know whom God truly is.  You have to read and study the Bible to learn and understand the character of God.  You have to know the heart of God. You have to understand the purpose of God.  When God becomes your definition of love then you can understand that sometimes love calls out sin; that love doesn’t affirm unhealthy relationships or behaviors. 
     Then…and this is important…you understand that the reason God (love) calls out sin is because God loves the sinner.  He knows what is best and wants what is best for the sinner. In short, He loves the unlovable.  Just as we are called to love them because we want what is best for them. Just remember that love isn’t God.  God is love!
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Bro. Tony