There is always a lot of talk surrounding legalized gambling in our state.  The last “Mega Millions”
jackpot paid out over one billion, four hundred million dollars.  That’s quite a lot of money, isn’t it?  Prior
to the drawing a couple of reporters interviewed folks from Alabama who drove to Georgia to purchase
tickets because gambling is illegal in Alabama.  As is predictable, each one interviewed expressed the
sentiment that we should legalize the lottery in our state.   But should we?Let’s look at one of the main arguments for a state lottery.  That is that it will produce money for
education.  You know…because everyone who plays the lottery is concerned about education.  Right?  If
you want better education in your state, simply have a state lottery.  Indeed, Georgia raised over one
and a half billion dollars for education through the lottery last year.  However, like many states with the
lottery, Georgia cut state funding in its budget for education and reallocated that money elsewhere.  It
wasn’t as big a cut as a few other states, but still it dilutes the actual gain in education spending.  
But gambling is an awful way to fund education.  And a state lottery is not about education, it is about
winning money.  The overwhelming number of people who want a lottery would want it if education
received no funds at all. The “education” promise is just window dressing; a consolation prize for the
civic minded.
But, as a Christian, can we take a stand against gambling based on Biblical guidelines?  Absolutely. 
While the Bible doesn’t have a “thou shalt not gamble” clearly stated, it does address the desire to
gamble and is emphatic that the base reasons are contrary to Christian living: Greed and covetousness. 
Greed has been defined as an “intense and selfish desire”.  When combined with covetousness, an
“inordinate desire for wealth or possessions that belong to someone else”, you basically have the true
definition of gambling. Especially when you’re willing to risk a little of your own money or possessions in
order to obtain it from someone else.
If you really want to help our education system, take money to your child’s teacher or the local school
principal and tell them to purchase something the school needs.  There is no risk to you and neither the
government nor a third-party business gets a slice of that pie.
Bro. Tony