Jesus Took Naps – Be Like Jesus

                I recently saw a shirt for sale that proclaimed: “Jesus took naps.  Be like Jesus.  Mark 4:38”.  Some may decry that as irreverent; I don’t think so.  In fact, I believe it is a humorously pointing out that Jesus was human.  Jesus got tired and He got hungry.  I’m sure He also got frustrated, agitated, and angry.  And why not?  He dealt with the same people we deal with.  He dealt with pompous religious leaders and power-hungry politicians.  And he also dealt with everyday folks…people who were selfish and self-centered, people who lied and stole.  He dealt with people who were unruly and hard to get along with, and He dealt with people who didn’t like Him and thought they were better and smarter.
                I believe we don’t dwell on that because we never see Him reacting in anything other than compassion and care for the people with whom He spoke (with the rare exception of the money changers in the Temple who were taking advantage of God’s people who came to worship.  There are some “televangelists” out there who need to go back and read certain passages!).  But otherwise we don’t think He faced the people we face because He didn’t react the way we react.   Not true.  Human nature hasn’t changed.  Jesus experienced the people and situations we face daily and thus instructs us how we are to react.
                I know it’s difficult to show compassion on certain people.  And I know it’s difficult to empathize with people when we don’t understand them…and even more so when we do understand them and disagree with them; their morals and ideals.  But the old WWJD (What Would Jesus Do) bracelets are just as applicable today as when they were a fashion statement.  As we face discrimination because we are Christians, when we face rioters and anarchists, when we engage with an increasingly immoral world…indeed, what would Jesus do?


                Now, if you will excuse me, I’m going to be like Jesus and go take a nap.

Bro. Tony