Jesus is the Main Thing

I’m 66 (and ¾) years old. I do not recall the nation being in this much turmoil, even during the race riots of the 60’s and the Vietnam War/hippie era. Those times were defining moments in the shape of our nation. The racial unrest rightfully turned our country down the path of equality. The free-love, down with the man, anything goes movement, not so much (I know there are those who will disagree with that). Where will this cultural unrest take us? The answer to that can be either very frightening or a source of comfort. I believe the church will determine the answer to that. Many churches failed miserably during the civil rights battle and many were not successful in ministering during the flower child era. Why? In both cases I believe that we let our anger supplant our concern for souls. That is, we judged people and found them unworthy of our love and evangelistic efforts. We stopped and circled the wagons instead of continuing the journey of ministry. Am I suggesting that we not be involved in politics? Of course we should be involved. What a wonderful privilege we Christians have to be a voice in how our nation functions. And I believe every Christian should vote and vote according to Biblical principles. Quite frankly I’m appalled at politicians on both sides of the isle but I will continue to reach out to all because the only way to change our culture is to change the people in our culture. That is our first priority. Do I have the right to wear a “Make America Great Again” hat or a “Trump is not my president” T-shirt? Of course I have that right. But how successful do you think I would be sharing the gospel with someone of the opposite political leaning while wearing either? Like I heard someone say: “The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing.” Jesus is the main thing.
Bro. Tony