A young man sat in a college class and listened to a professor teach that Israel is the aggressor in a land
that they illegally occupy. The professor, a tenured, respected lady who had taught at the university for
over 20 years, basically said that the massacre by Hamas terrorists was deserved by Israel for their evil
ways over the years. No one has taught him that in high school and he had never heard a negative word
about Israel. In fact, his Sunday School teacher, a Sales Manager at a local farm supply store, always had
high praises for the Israelites. But this was a college professor with a doctorate, and she was teaching in
a highly respected university. Who do you think this young man would believe?
In addition to an education on a person’s chosen field of work, college was said to help make someone a
more “well-rounded” person; Certainly, a worthy goal. But what if that “well-rounded” turns into
indoctrination? History can certainly be taught so that a person with a certain mindset can produce
students with a particular political orientation. What happens when a biology class includes unproven
philosophical ideas instead of solid science? When kids can be taught in college that math is racists,
there is something wrong with the system.
Here is the biggest problem for Christian parents, though: in secular colleges, religion in general, but
Christianity in particular, will never get a fair shake. It seems that major colleges want to “cure”
Christian students of their perceived malady. Major liberal arts colleges fall into the “thinking
themselves to be wise, they became fools” (Romans 1:22) category of educators.
I always suggest that Christian based colleges are best. They teach the same basics without a leftist
agenda. But I also strongly encourage technical colleges or straight up apprenticeships. Electricians,
plumbers, iron workers, mechanics, linemen, welders, and other labor-based careers are always much
needed occupations that pay very well.
Say good things about your Savior and His church.