In the beginning God created…

I was reading the ingredients on the side of a package at the grocery store. It read: “noodles made from
scratch”. Aren’t all noodles made from scratch? In fact, isn’t everything made from scratch? Suppose
you purchase a box of cake mix at the market. All the dry ingredients that go into a cake are mixed
together…from scratch…you add the eggs and milk to finish off the mix, and then bake it. The whole
thing was made from scratch. You just took over the process at some point. You could honesty tell
everyone that the cake was made from scratch.
Therein lies my first problem with the theory of evolution. The “Big Bang” explanation for the beginning
of the universe is simply this: something (we don’t know what) exploded (we don’t know why) and
created organic matter (we don’t know how). That organic matter then, over a period of 14 billion
years, evolved into every type of tree, dirt, rocks, flowers, oxygen, insect, bird, animal, and human that
exists. That’s quite a stretch, isn’t it?
I like the Biblical version: “In the beginning God created…”. God created from scratch. There was
nothing and He made something. People have responded to my belief saying that the process I speak of
involves a supernatural being. It sure does…and that makes more sense than a thing, or something, that
already existed eventually became thousands of things that exist today, both living and inanimate. That
boggles the mind.
So why does the theory of evolution get such support and is taught in our schools as an absolute
fact…with no discussion? It’s simple: It is the only alternative to a living God, who is above us and
instructs us in the correct way to live. Multitudes of people do not want to believe in a supreme being
because He sets restrictions on our greed, lust, and hatred to mention just a few. Proverbs 29:14 tells us
the truth: “where there is no revelation, the people cast off restraint”. And that, folks, is why people do
not want to hear of God.
Say good things about your Savior and His church on this bluff.
Bro. Tony