Historical Church Buildings and Gov’t

     There is a town in Vermont that has, as many towns in that state do, several older structures that have been designated as “Historical Buildings”. The government has a program that assists with the costs of restoring or helping preserve such structures. That is, of course, unless it is a church. Yes indeed, a church rightfully designated a “Historical Building” was refused help because it was…well..a church; a religious building.
     The (warped and biased) thinking is that the government preserving the structure would be viewed as endorsing religion. We can’t have that, now can we? What kind of government would want to preserve a structure that implies that religion was an instrumental part of the history of a nation? Just let it collapse and turn into ruins. Perhaps some “right-thinking” city council or state organization could then have it razed and erase the sordid memories of people singing hymns, having “dinner on the grounds “, teaching the 10 Commandments or, heaven forbid, preaching the Gospel. Surely, we don’t want to save any structures that have the “taint” of religion on them.
     Just when you think someone in government may have an inkling of common sense or just the decency to allow Christians the same rights as others…this comes along. Perhaps if it had been a boisterous tavern selling whiskey and naughty entertainment, or a “house of ill repute” with a famous madam. Maybe if it had been a witches den or an inhumane prison it could receive government help. I think the government would be throwing money at such places because they were part of the fabric that made this nation great.
     If it wasn’t so sad it would be laughable. Pray for your elected servants. And remind them from time to time that that’s exactly what they are: servants of the people. Even religious people like us.
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Bro. Tony