Hate Speech?

I’ve often stated that the idea and culture of so-called “hate speech” would become a tool for silencing
Christian voices in the public sphere.  Our nation has been the champion of free speech since its
inception, yet the movement of defining certain beliefs as hate speech threatens that precious
freedom.  And there is no group as affected as the Christian community.  I do not believe that is an
accident or a mere side effect of the call for banning hate speech. Christian beliefs are targeted.
Now the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families (DCF) has denied a couple’s request to
become foster parents because of their religious beliefs.  Here is how Newsweek magazine described
the situation:  “Their application was denied ‘based on the couple's statements/responses regarding
placement of children who identified LGBTQIA+.’  The denial said that the family, who are practicing
Catholics, would not be "affirming" to a child who identified as LGBTQ+.”
The government agency will undoubtedly argue that their policy has nothing to do with religious beliefs
but with “alphabet phobia” (my term).  While it is true that there are many unbelievers who have
enough common sense to recognize mental illness when they see it, this family’s beliefs are, indeed,
rooted in their faith in God and belief in His Word.  
Who would have believed that in a supposed civilized and intelligent nation a, “transgendered man”
living with a “non-binary” person would actually be favored over a conservative, Christian family in a
fostering/adoption situation?  Would you have thought, in your wildest nightmares that our own
government would agree with and enforce, such a policy?  
I’ll ask the question again:  How can such a small and insignificant number (just over one half of one
percent) of the population be the driving force behind such a radical and massive culture swing if Satan
has not blinded the eyes and confused the mind with his lies? Common sense, biology, and truth are just
thrown out the window in an effort designed to banish God from the collective consciousness of our
nation.  Only the devil, himself, could swing that!
Say good things about your Savior and His Church on the Bluff.
Bro. Tony