Hard Times

            Who’s ready for some nice, spring weather?  There is something inspiring about crawling out of the bleakness of winter and walking outside, basking in the warm sun and looking at the beautiful blossoms and greenery. We are glad when winter is over, aren’t we? 
           But let’s never forget that the winter was necessary. Botanists tell us that the season of cold weather actually helps plant life, especially fruit and nut trees, to prosper and become more productive. I’ve read that apple trees need at least 1000 hours of temperatures below 47 degrees in order to produce at optimum level.  The longer it stays cold, the less insects will have time to awaken and breed, giving us a few less mosquitos. Yes, the cold, bleak, gray days are part of God’s plan. They may not seem as beneficial or as pleasant as springtime weather, but things are certainly better because we go through them.

            The same can be said of the “winters” in our lives; those darker times that seem like burdens and problems.  We may not understand at the time why we experience certain things in life, but rest assured that God is using every part of our life experiences to her help us grow and prosper.  If you are going though one of times, hand in there and trust God….Spring is coming for you. 

Be blessed,

Bro. tony