Good ‘ol days

A few folks got to enjoy a taste of ‘’the good ‘ol days” Memorial Day and a few days after. You
remember the good ‘ol days, don’t you? Times were good back then. There was less crime, a higher
sense of morality, a big dose of respect and responsibility…no air conditioning. Wait. What? No air
conditioning? How did people live; how did they survive?
The fact is, we really didn’t know we needed air conditioning until we personally experienced it. Right?
But once we walked into a room that was cooled by air conditioning, it became a necessity, and we
couldn’t live without it. We all have to live in a giant refrigerator. I’m not making fun of anyone; I don’t
know how long I could make it without a good AC unit.
That’s sort of how it is with a relationship with God the Father through God the Son. People live their
lives guided by their own desires and constrained only by civil law. They don’t truly realize that they
need Jesus until they experience Him (That’s why you can’t teach a lost person how to live out Christian
principles). But once they meet Jesus through the work and power of the Holy Spirit, they wonder how
they could ever live without Him. And they wonder why everyone is not a believer.
So have compassion on those who do not understand or approve of the way we live our lives based on
the Word of God…the Bible. The Bible itself says that the Bible is foolishness to those without the Holy
Spirit leading their understanding (1 Corinthians 2:14). In fact, it should strengthen our desire to lead
people to Christ…if they only knew what you know…what a difference it would make in their life.
Say good things about your Savior and His church on this bluff.
Bro. Tony