God’s Will is the ONLY Will that Counts

In a debate in the House of Representatives over the misnamed “Equality Bill” concerning the rights of religious organizations and schools to teach the truth about gender dysphoria (transgendered), Rep. Greg Steube of Florida said “whenever a nation’s laws no longer reflect the standards of God, that nation is in rebellion against Him and will inevitably bear the consequences.” House Judiciary Committee Chairman, Jerry Nadler from New York, pushed back in response and said, “….God’s will is no concern of this Congress”.
Representative Steube was absolutely correct and I applaud him for being bold enough to make his statement in a world that is hostile to Christianity.  The response by Representative Nadler, though, puts that hostility on full display. I have said on many occasions that we would get to a place in our nation when, if a view or belief is gleaned from the Bible, that view would automatically be deemed null and void; discarded as antiquated and irrelevant.  Evidently, this is that time.
“The will of God is of no concern to this Congress.”  What a horrible indictment of the spiritual condition of our political representation and of our nation. To be brash and vain enough to make that statement publicly reveals a heart of evil and the fact that his belief has been apathetically accepted by so many Americans reveals a nation far, far away from God.  It’s only going to get worse.
To understand how far the current administration is going to go to push this transgender nonsense one only has to look at the appointment of a man who calls himself Rachel Levine to the position of federal assistant health secretary.  Keep in mind that his position is to help oversee health…including the mental health…of the people of our nation.  Rachel suffers from “gender dysphoria”, a mental health condition where he truly thinks he is a woman. Therefore, a person with mental health issues of his own is in a position of authority regarding the mental health of others. If ever there was a case of “putting the patients in charge of the asylum”, this is it.  Literally.
Continue to pray for our nation and especially pray that we can elect more Christians with the courage to stand up to this satanic darkness that is sweeping over this land.

Bro. Tony