God’s Church Will Always Prevail

               This is the first column I have written since March 23. That is over two months ago.  A lot of things have happened since then:  Many people have died, people have lost their jobs, not a few businesses have closed permanently, and yet another wedge driven between people of different political slants and ideologies.
                There are several things that have happened that have been real “eye-openers” for me.  One is that I have developed an even stronger distrust of and disdain for politicians.  I have seen them toy with people’s lives and livelihoods in order to gain political footholds and push personal agendas that have nothing to do with the crisis.  I have seen a selfishness and callousness in their ranks that I never thought I would see. It is both disturbing and sad and makes me really concerned for the direction of our wonderful nation.
                Having said that, I also want to say that I am also amazed at how this event has revealed the world’s misunderstanding of the work and power of the church.  I supposed that it shouldn’t surprise me that lost folks view the church through very biased eyes, but I always hope for the best.  Take the work of the church, for instance.  I honestly believe that when they ordered the church viewed as “non-essential” those in charge thought that the influence and ability of the church would be weakened perhaps even abolished.  Yet the church kept working and flourished as compassionate lovers of people.  The majority of organizations that mobilized to help those affected by all the shut-down orders are churches! While our government argues over who will get credit for any benevolent action, the church has shown up and shown out. More people have been touched by the church during this panic than before!
                As for as underestimating the power of the church, did people really believe that a lock-down on attendance would somehow weaken the church? Yes, it has affected income somewhat, but it also increased the presence of the Gospel online in the social media many times over.  It has strengthened the desire to assemble as we realize we may have taken that right for granted. I believe that the physical presence of the church will be greatly increased, not diminished, when this event is over.
                And, honestly, it shows that the government cannot and will not ever have the power to destroy God’s church.  That should give us Christians a new boldness. Despite all the world can do, and is trying to do, we still exist, and we still thrive, and God will prosper us as He promised He would!
Say good things about your Savior and your church!

Bro. Tony