Freedom of Religion

                Several years ago, I read an editorial in a religious publication that lamented the change in the political language of President Obama when he referred to religious freedom.  Instead of espousing his belief in our nation’s “freedom of religion” he began saying we had a “freedom of worship”.  I thought the writer was being a little paranoid when he said that it was a meaningful distinction.  He said that it amounted to our freedom to have religion convictions and beliefs literally ended as we exited the doors of the church.  But what he feared is certainly becoming reality.
                In essence, we are being told that we can have our beliefs as we gather to worship but we can’t practice our religion in our public lives.  Spreading the love of Christ is now considered “hateful” behavior and even “harassment”. We don’t even have to say anything. Christians have to be careful about wearing pins and/or jewelry that shows the cross at work or in schools. People have gotten fired or have been refused jobs because of their public stance on Biblical issues. A Bible in view on a desk or work station is cause for discipline. Did you ever think it would come to this?
                When I was a cameraman at a TV station, we recorded a show that had religious leaders answering questions from people who wrote letters to the show.  One of the men was Bro. John.  He knew I was not walking with the Lord and he would “harass” me about it.  He encouraged me to get back in church.  It wasn’t an easy process for him as I was a long way away from Jesus.  However, when my dad was called to pastor a church just a few miles from my home Bro. John encouraged me to visit the church.  When Dad left that church a couple of years later, I was actually on the committee that asked Bro. John to be our interim pastor as we searched for a full-time leader.
                I’m glad Bro. John Chafin was so full of “hate” that he “harassed” me into a better life for myself and my family. I pray that in our wonderful nation we continue to have the freedom to do that.
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Bro. Tony