What would cause a person to go into a synagogue and kill people merely because they are Jewish or enter a church and kill people because they are black? Is it possible that all the un-civil rhetoric of politicians (from both parties) is seen as green light for violence? Is racism becoming more prevalent and violent? Does gun ownership create a culture of killing?  Those seem to be the talking points when such atrocities occur.
                But let me throw out a talking point that I believe needs our attention more than others: Evil.  Evil has been defined as “profound immorality, wickedness, and depravity, especially when regarded as a supernatural force”.  The problem is that there is absolutely nothing a government can do to eradicate evil.  Laws can be passed to mitigate the result of evil, but because evil is a supernatural force it can only be overcome by a supernatural force. Make no mistake about it, Jesus is that supernatural force.  The only thing that can destroy evil is the love of Christ.
                Many have repeated the oft told lie that Christianity is a hateful, violent religion. There are, indeed, some religions that deem violence as a necessary tool to destroy other religions, such as the Islamic slaughter of thousands of Christian men, women, and children in Nigeria this year alone.  But true Christianity creates a new person incapable of perpetrating violence because that new person is indwelled with the heart of Jesus.
                Did Jesus hate sin? Absolutely. Does He want people to live moral and righteous lives? Of course. Does He teach us the difference between good and evil? He is the light that dispels the darkness of evil. But He never….not once…remotely suggested that His followers change the world by force. In fact He said that He would give his followers a peace that surpassed the knowledge of the world.
     True Christianity destroys every form of evil be it hatred, racism, or violence.  We don’t need more laws we just need more Jesus. He is the answer to every question and the solution to every problem.
Say good things about you church and about your Savior.
Bro. Tony