Evil Hearts

“Who knows the evil that lurks in the hearts of men?” So began a radio program called “The Shadow” in
1930. Over the years it spawned comic books, movies, and even video games. That theme endures to
this day: Evil lurks in human hearts. It manifests itself in so many ways, though. The gut-wrenching
murders of high school kids at a party is the latest example. Innocent lives snuffed out by the decision
of a person, or persons, who let the rage of evil consume them.
Attention seeking, self-serving politicians immediately began virtue signaling their outrage at the
manner in which the children were killed in an attempt to be relevant and garner some more votes. I
watched in disgust as a group of elected officials seized the moment to offer up a bunch of useless and
meaningless gobbledygook of words that accomplished nothing but getting some face time on the news.
Control the guns. There are too many guns. We need new gun laws. (Vote for me). Listen closely: No
new gun law would have prevented the carnage we saw at that birthday party. There are an estimated
436 million guns in the United States. I’m assuming that is the legal guns that people have acquired
through proper channels. Who knows the illegal firearms that are around? We will never be able to
keep guns out of the hands of evil people.
So…what is the answer? Here is what I have been saying for years: “JESUS is the answer to every
question and the solution to every problem.” Our nation’s leaders have done their best to remove
religion in general, and Christianity in particular, from our institutions of learning, be it colleges or high
schools or grammar schools. And, unfortunately, they have been successful. While the vast majority of
folks would agree that living by the teachings of Jesus would have a peaceful effect on the lives of
people and prevent violence, His mere acknowledgment in schools is prevented because of other
teachings that carnal and corrupted minds want to eradicate. Love your neighbor, turn the other cheek,
do unto others as you would have them do unto you, forgive people, pray for your enemies? Yes!
Absolutely! But wait…what about homosexuality, sex outside of marriage, transgenderism, abortion?
Nope. We can’t have negative reactions to those things. Get Bibles and Christian teachings out of our
A person doesn’t have to dig too deeply to find a correlation between Godlessness and the violence and
hatred in our wonderful nation. The old saying of “going to hell in a hand basket’” takes on a heightened
meaning, doesn’t it?
Say good things about your Savior and about His church here on the Bluff.
Bro. Tony