Eternal Risks


                Last week a man launched himself into the air in a homemade rocket trying to reach a distance of 5000 feet above the earth.  It was the first step in his process to eventually launch himself into outer space.  The rocket failed and he died.  That’s horrible, isn’t it?  Most people would ask why a man would even attempt that; it was a crazy thing to do.  I don’t know if it was crazy, but it was certainly risky.  Very risky. So, a good question is “why do people take risks?”
                The vast majority of people would agree that we should take as few risks as possible.  Some would say that you can’t really live unless you take risks. And, honestly, the truth probably lies somewhere in the middle. Life would be pretty boring if we never took any risks at all.  But I want to talk about the biggest risks of all.


                For a lost person it is remaining lost.  What a risk to take to choose to believe there is no heaven or hell; that you don’t need Jesus.  The price to take that risk is an eternity in hell.  And what is the risk for choosing to believe?  There is no risk. Some may say that you risk having all the fun that is “out there” but I can assure you that I’ve had far more “fun” (a fulfilling life, joys and happiness) since I’ve been saved. No sir, choosing to stay lost is the biggest risk ever:  Eternity depends on it.


                For a Christian, the greatest risk is disobeying God.  Let me make one thing clear:  God doesn’t ask us to do things.  God commands us to do things. Our only choices are to obey Him or disobey Him.  Do we really realize what a risk we take when we disobey God? When God tells us what brings us happiness and we choose to disobey, we are putting our very happiness at risk.  When the Lord instructs us on how to have a successful marriage, to disobey Him puts our marriage at risk.  To disobey God puts our family, our work, our joy, our satisfaction and our personal relationships at risk.  Yet countless of Christians put all that at risk on a daily basis by simply choosing to disobey God.


                Lost person….is hell worth the risk?  Christian…is pain, heartache, sorrow, broken relationships worth the risk?  Don’t wonder about the risk someone takes to blast off into the air;  we risk that and more when we choose to disobey God.


Say good things about your Savior and your church!


Bro. Tony