Election 2020 – The Election of our Lives – Pray!

The election is next week, November 3rd.  I’m almost 69 years old and I’ve never been as apprehensive about an election as I am about this one.  This one could have some devastating effects for our nation as well as the freedom we experience as the church.  Now, the church will survive.  We may be marginalized even more (even to the point of actual persecution from the government) but that has been the history of the church, hasn’t it?  Yet the church lives on.  No nation, ruler, or authority can stop the spread of the Gospel.
However, because of the unexpected results of the last election the liberals have had to expose their true selves; their radical agenda.  They have proved they will stop at nothing to unseat this president.  They have tossed any semblance of rationality out the window in order, to gain enough votes to win this election.  Abortion up until birth?  If it gets votes, then yes.  Unfettered immigration?  It will get votes, so yes. Tearing down the traditional, western, Christian family unit?  There are some votes there…so who cares? Take God completely out of the Democratic platform? No problem. Shoot…let’s just take Him out of the Pledge of Allegiance, too.  Speaking of which, will removing the National Anthem get some votes? Let’s try that.  It’s sickening.
Then there is the violence. Although the talking heads of newscast try to frame the violence around the “rhetoric” of conservative values, the vast majority of violent activity has come from the extreme liberal faction of politics.  Get a protest together and “antifa” will show up to prime the well of violence.  The result is the actual approval of anarchy by the left-leaning politicians…for votes, of course.
Lies, hypocrisy, and violence have been seen in the wrongful transition of power in history, but I never thought I’d see it in these previously “United” States of America.  This division has me worried and, despite the fear mongering in the news, the current President didn’t cause it, he simply revealed it.  
So, I am trying to do what I always tell others to do:  Turn it over to God. And in the meantime, I will preach the true love, peace, and unity of God’s word.  It is literally our only hope no matter which way the election goes.

Bro. Tony