Don’t Be Deceived by False Religion

           In my previous life I worked at a TV station and was involved in the production of commercials. Because of my experiences with sales personnel, copy writers, and the merchants I have a very jaded opinion of most commercials….and yet a fascination with them.  You see, commercials tell us a lot about human nature.  There was a commercial before Thanksgiving that showed a happy family sitting around a table eating and enjoying each other’s company.  Then it closed with the name of the grocery store.  One commercial shows a young man driving across town to answer a friend’s phone text in person.  Then you see his new car in the driveway. Neither commercial said anything about the price or quality of their product. Yet…. I wanted to buy a Nissan and drive to Publix and pick up a turkey. Why?  Because family and friends are important to my nature, as they are to most people.  Companies that celebrate family and friends are surely good businesses, aren’t they?  Apparently, we think they are. But that’s what commercials do, they appeal to the “carnal” part of us: pride, desire, lust, riches, self as well as family and friends.


                In this day and age, we have to be wary of religions that do the same thing: appeal to human nature.  I’m not saying we should stop talking about the friend and family aspects of religion, but we must understand that all religions stress family and friends.  What religion, wanting to attract a person to it, would dare say that family and friendship are not important?


                Religious organizations (cults and false teachers) often seek to do what commercials do; they gloss over their central beliefs (quality and price) to lure you into their web of deceit.  And yes, I’m placing “prosperity preachers” in that group.  The most important thing about any religion is what they believe about Jesus.  Mormons love family but believe that while Jesus was a great guy, they must follow the teachings of Joseph Smith and his appointed leaders.  Jehovah’s Witnesses say they are a Christian religion but also say that Jesus was just a wonderful teacher and prophet.  And don’t get me started on the family-loving Muslims who, to this day still pillage, murder, and rape to advance their cause.  Prosperity preachers celebrate family for sure as they tell you that God wants you to name and claim your many material blessings.  (Some would say that I’m perhaps jealous that I don’t live in a $10 million mansion like Joel Osteen or fly around the country on a multi-million dollar jet like Kenneth Copeland.  My answer is simple: of course, I’m a little jealous…that’s human nature.  But I’m not willing to water down and pervert the Gospel to attain the desires of the flesh.)


                The Bible tells us to lift up Jesus and HE will draw all people to Him. He says the road will be rough sometimes and He says that tough love is necessary sometimes and He tells us that we will be hated sometimes.  But He also tells us that there is a peace that passes the understanding of the human nature that allows joy, happiness, and satisfaction untold and He assures us that every pain, every heartache, and every test will be worth it in the glory of His eternal presence.



                Let’s not fall into the trap that the devil places before us that we must present anything other than the Gospel of Christ to attract people to the God that created them, loves them, and will supply their every need.  We don’t have to be deceptive and we don’t have to lure people into church with false promises.  As always…


Say good things about your Savior and about His Church on the Bluff.


Bro. Tony