In the current political division, where do Christians stand? That’s a tough question. It really depends
on where one stands on certain issues. I’m going to divide issues into two broad categories: Moral and
economic (though these categories do overlap at times). Let’s look at a couple of moral issues first.
Abortion, homosexualism, transgenderism, and racism are a few of the issues that divide us. I would say
that none of those things have a place in a Christian heart. The Bible shows none of them to be a part of
God’s character and purpose. To affirm any or all of them does disservice to the true picture of the God
that the Bible reveals.
On the economic side of the discussion we talk about fair wages, social inequality, and the welfare of
our fellow man. I just read an article that claimed that Jesus was a socialist, not a capitalist. What a silly
and useless argument. He was concerned with neither. Jesus came to seek and see those who are lost.
His was not a social gospel. However…it was, and is, a gospel that changes the inner person, the heart,
and turns it toward the needs of others.
So does that mean socialism is good and capitalism is bad? No. Not at all. People in either of those
economic camps can do good or evil with their particular model. A Christian capitalist who does well
could, and should, use his/her money wisely to honor God and help people in need. A Christian socialist
could, and should, do the same thing.
The problem usually hangs on the government’s role in things. Jesus never insinuated that the
government should forcibly take from one to give to the other. Jesus expected the Christians to take
care of those in need. And….it was voluntary and called for discernment as to who needed and deserved
help. Those who tend to cry out that being rich is immoral and want to “tax the rich”, I believe, are being
disingenuous as the “rich” usually means “richer than I am”. Even folks in Congress who campaign on
the “tax the rich” platform are, themselves, very rich…but, of course, they’re talking about those who
are even richer. How else can you own multiple homes, drive fancy cars, own outrageously expensive
clothing and cry about the impoverished? For crying out loud…sell one of your houses and give the
proceeds to a local homeless shelter!
No, Jesus was not a socialist. But he did teach a generous heart. There is a difference.
Bro. Tony