A couple of weeks ago I made the statement that denominations come from the minds of men, not God.
God didn’t have several denominations in mind when He established the church. He had a message:
Believe on the name of Jesus and be saved. The Bible teaches us that to do that you must realize you
are a sinner, confess and repent of that sin, and ask Christ to save you. Upon accomplishing that, you are
saved; a child of God. Then, you must decide how to live…and that is mostly where denominations are
formed because you live your Christian lifestyle based on theological interpretations.
Is eating pork permissible? Can a lady wear makeup? Must the Sabbath be observed from sundown
Friday until sundown Saturday? Can someone have a beer with a friend? Is it OK for a divorced person
to remarry? Is vaping as bad as smoking a cigarette…and is smoking a cigarette a sin? Is sprinkling as
good as being submerged? As people struggle with the answers to these…and many more questions,
denominations are born.
Frankly, I can get along with denominations that preach being saved by the blood of Christ yet practice
some slightly different interpretations of the Bible concerning these type of questions. But there are
some denominations that have swung away too far from Biblical truth to be endorsed. Most Protestant
churches would agree that the Catholic Church has veered a long way from Biblical doctrine with things
like purgatory, selling indulgences, last rites, the worship of Mary, prayers to saints….and more. But
what about denominations whose interpretation of the Bible allows for abortion on demand,
homosexual life styles, gender fluidity, and the like?
I firmly believe that the individual churches and the collective denominations that both preach and
accept such doctrines are doing so at their own peril. Those lifestyles do serious dishonor to the
character and purpose of God as revealed in the Bible. As the Catholic Church began incorporating
human wants and desires into their theology, so the so-called “progressive” churches are letting their
desires cloud their judgement and influence their doctrine.
We have to live by the Bible, no matter how we feel about what it says. We trust that God knows what is
best to fulfill His purpose for humanity. Just because someone’s sin makes them happy for a time,
doesn’t make it permissible. We can’t change doctrine based on how we feel. We base how we feel on
sound Biblical teaching. Stay true to the Word of God.
Say good things about your Savior and about His church here in Bluff Park.
Bro. Tony