Danger to American Democracy

We are now being told, and it will get worse as the election nears, that the “Christian right”, “Christian
Nationalists”, and “radical Christians” are a danger to American democracy. Of course, any Christian
politician is automatically assigned one or more of those categories. Therefore, their agenda is to rip the
threads of democracy from our nation and we will become a Christian theocracy.
But is this agenda that the liberal left will have the American people believe will fundamentally destroy
freedoms and rob the nation of so many rights truly a “Christian” agenda? I believe that if an issue,
program, or law can be justified by means apart from the Bible, it can’t be called solely a “Christian”
I recently attended a meeting where several Alabama state senators and representatives spoke of bills
they had introduced, or were going to introduce, in the state legislature this year. All politicians there
were believers…Christians. Yet none of the bills were based exclusively on Christian doctrine. Yes,
Christians should, and will, endorse these bills because they believe in Jesus and His Word. But for the
most part, our Christian beliefs only strengthen and undergird policies that even atheists support.
Take abortion for example. There are countless non-Christians who believe, without mentioning God or
referencing the Bible, that life begins at conception and that abortion, therefore, is taking an innocent
life. A person doesn’t have to believe in Jesus to believe it is wrong to take an innocent life. “Thou shalt
not commit murder” is not strictly faith-based, is it? Yes…Christians should, based on their relationship
to God, actively oppose abortion because our beliefs call us to action.
Transgenderism is a medical and biological issue, too, isn’t it? Science says there are but two genders
and there is no “deciding” which you are. A person is born male or female. Ask any doctor who isn’t
afraid of financial repercussions or personal attack. The Bible simply affirms that it was God who
created with a purpose and plan. “Male and female, he created them”. There are a whole lot of people
who reject the notion of a God yet have enough common sense to oppose the transgenderism
So why, then, the effort to paint conservative political ideologies as religion driven? Because there are a
huge number of usually conservative voters who understand that many Christian politicians also see
gambling and drinking as policies in need of compassion for others and personal self control. They had
rather live lives of indulgence and selfishness than protect the lives of the unborn or minister to the
mentally ill. At least that’s the way they will vote. Sad…but true. Pray for those folks.
Say good things about your Savior and His church.
Bro. Tony