Court Decisions

              Two recent decisions by the United States Supreme Court have a direct impact on the lives of Christian businesses. One involved a baker who refused to design a cake for a same-sex wedding and the other concerned a florist who did not want to arrange flowers for a similar wedding. Both cases were decided for the Christian business owners and the media, The LGBT activists, as well as  anti-Christians, went ballistic. They began presenting scenarios where businesses would put up “no gays allowed” signs and people would began a wholesale purge of all things not heterosexual.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

              Both business gladly served their LGBT patrons in the normal course of business, selling them baked good or flowers; there was absolutely no discrimination.  The owners felt, though, that they could not “actively participate” in an activity they (correctly) perceived as violating their Christian beliefs.  Both owners would have sold them anything in their store to do with whatever they wanted, but they would not design special cakes/floral arrangements for the events. 

              Make no mistake about it, it was only because they were Christians.  The services demanded could have easily been attained elsewhere without any problem or trouble. Here was a chance to attack Christians and it seemed to have worked as both business owners lost their businesses.  But the Supreme Court finally recognized the cases for what they were: animosity toward Christians simply because of their religious beliefs.  Our constitution says you can’t do that.

              Many people have wondered how I, as a Christian, could vote for our current president.  Well, this is it: Conservative judges that realize the laws of our land protect people of conscience. He appointed one and now, pray for him as he appoints another. Perhaps, just perhaps, Christians can regain some of our freedoms and our nation will quit drifting toward pure evil of unrestrained humanism.


Say good things about your church and about your Savior!


Bro. Tony