Christians Will Be Hated

               Two Muslims were elected to Congress and that worries me. Although they are women, their gender doesn’t bother me.  It’s also not a racial thing because, because the two are not of the same race:   One has Somalian roots and the other a Middle Eastern background.  Muslim is not a race.  Muslims are followers of Muhammad and his perverted religion of hatred and conquest.


                Am I “Islamophobic”?  My goodness, yes.  Absolutely.  At its core, Islam is antithetical to almost everything that makes our nation unique and wonderful.  From a spiritual viewpoint it is an un-Godly mish-mash of satanic deception.  The thought of Muslims making national and foreign policy decisions worries me to no end. But that is not what causes me the most concern!

  It bothers me that a Christian politician, in a nation built upon Christian doctrine and policy, faces extraordinary inspection and questioning (and even skepticism and ridicule) about the impact of his or her beliefs on policy while Muslims skate by without any concerns about what their deeply held religious beliefs would do to their ability to govern fairly.  There is something seriously wrong with that picture.  Why would a thoughtful, intelligent person consciously choose to denigrate Christianity while accepting Muslims with open arms?

                Many would say it is because of the Christian stance on such issues as same-sex marriage and abortion and the ill-defined “women’s rights” issues.  While that certainly plays a part in their disdain for us Christians, if you look at the historical Islamic stance on those very issues you find them barbaric at best and horrific at worst.  So, what could it be?


                It is simple: Christians are ultimately hated because they are Christians.  Read John 15:18-25.  Jesus told us that the world would hate us, and He told us why. Honestly, why are we surprised? But how else can you explain American politicians becoming allies with Islam?  Both have an intense hatred of doctrinally sound Christians and thus this old saying has a lot of merit: “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”.


                Our response?  Spend a lot of time in prayer.  Be a student of God’s Word to be sure of your beliefs and doctrine.  Be strong and stand firm.  We still serve a mighty God.

  Say good things about your Savior and His Church on the Bluff.

Bro. Tony