Christians, Israel and Anti-Semitism

As a Christian I see many signs of our nation distancing itself from God.  We have walked boldly away from the Biblical definition and purpose of marriage and we have done our best to remove the very mention of Christ from the schools and every aspect of government, be it local or national.  And now I see another encroaching on our national consciousness: our relationship with Israel.  It could well be the most dangerous of all.

From the time God called Abram to follow Him God has had His hand on them.  He made a covenant with them that they would always be His special people.  In His calling of Abram, God made a very special promise: “I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse; and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you.” (Genesis 12:3 NIV). That promise has never changed.
So, when I hear the horrible rhetoric coming from the mouths of some of our elected officials it causes concern.  It doesn’t surprise me that such talk comes from Muslims; history teaches us that they have always hated the Jews. I suppose they always will.  But to hear anti-Semitic speech coming from young people as they are indoctrinated on college campuses and encouraged by the spineless lack of response by those in places of political power…that’s frightening.
Please note that we have to be careful in our reasoning.  We shouldn’t automatically view everything Israel does politically as being Godly.  They are human and political minded as are we.  But when people and nations take aim at them because of their uniqueness as Hebrews…when they want them destroyed as a people, not just as a political ideology…that’s should raise a red flag.
One of the ways that our nation can, and should, honor God is to always ally with His special people, the Israelites, against their enemies. To distance ourselves from that nation is not just a swing of the political pendulum from conservative to liberal.  It is another step away from God.  A very large step.
I also need to make one more point.  Just because the Jews are a people chosen by God it does not mean they do not need a saving relationship through the blood of Christ.  The Gospel was sent to them first.  They need to hear it as badly as the rest of the world.  Jesus told a certain Jewish man that unless he was reborn he had no part of the kingdom of God.  It can’t be any clearer than that.


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Bro. Tony