Christian Work Ethic

                We just celebrated Labor Day, a day set aside to recognize the contribution of the American worker. The workforce in the U.S. is one of the things that makes this nation what it is.  America was built on the backs of hard workers.  In fact, they practiced what became known as the “Christian work ethic”.  You see, the Bible does teach a certain way to work.
                First, in 2 Timothy 3:10 God says we are to work for what we get. There were people kind of slacking off, allowing the church to monetarily take care of them. They had no physical reason for not working and He said to tell them that if they didn’t work, they wouldn’t eat.  Laziness or deception has no place in the workplace for Christians.
               Secondly, there is the admonition to work hard and give it your best effort no matter the circumstances. In Colossians 3:23 He tells us to work in our secular work as if we are working for the Lord. Give 100% to please God…even if you don’t like the work or the boss.  An honest day’s work is not about the job or the boss, it’s about the worker. Give it your best, regardless.
               You can see why there is a strong tie between the building of our nation and the Christian work ethic.  Sadly, as we see the marginalization of the Bible as a guide to what is right and wrong, we see a generation of people who believe they deserve to be taken care of in some way.  They seem to believe that the “government” owes them something because of their “rights” as Americans.
               As Christians we are to be exceedingly generous in taking care of people in dire need. We are to especially look out for widows and orphans. But there is absolutely nothing wrong with Christians believing that folks that are able-bodied should work for what they get and give 100% in their labor.  It’s the Christian thing to do.
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Bro. Tony