Christian Values Attacked

                  According to a July 24, 2019 report from LifeSiteNews (as well as other agencies) “– A YouTube ad for a charity supporting military veterans was suppressed recently because it contained the keyword “Christian,” the charity’s founder says.”  Keywords are words chosen by the ads to help direct searchers to their particular website/advertisement.   Apparently, YouTube has decided that the word “Christian” is unacceptable content!
                Now, get this: the marketing team substituted the word Muslim for the word Christian and there was no problem publishing the ad. Does that shock you? I hope it does. It certainly raises more than a few red flags, but I have two main questions that trouble me.  First, when did being a Christian become such a bad thing in this country?  And secondly, why the sudden infatuation with all things Muslim?
                Let’s look at that first question.  There was a time, not too far removed, when people were respected for their Christian views.  Politicians across the nation proudly presented their religious affiliation during the election times.  Keeping in mind that Christian doctrine hasn’t changed, those same beliefs are now considered backward, hateful, and dangerous.  Seriously…hateful?  Christians in my generation and the generation after mine, were seen as staunch defenders against the vices that caused so much damage to the individual and to families: drinking, smoking, gambling, pre-marital sex, etc., and a great deal of our salvation experiences included the forsaking of those lifestyles.  Yes, we were seen as prudish and often judgmental, but our beliefs were respected.
                Then came Satan’s greatest victory in destroying people: the “sexual revolution”.  When we stop to think about it, we realize that the major conflict between Christians and worldly living now has to do with sex.  There is the abortion industry that thrives because of un-planned pregnancy due in a great deal to the loss of respect for the place of sex in our lives, the homosexual tendencies that are encouraged and celebrated, and now even the transsexual movement to normalize a serious mental health problem. Anything and almost everything goes.  I say ‘almost’ because there are some sexual behaviors that are still recognized as un-natural and deviant; but rest assured that those will quickly follow.
                As a result of the licentiousness and darkness of the selfish human nature, Christians are now dubbed “haters”.  But that begs the second question about the widespread push for the Muslim community.  Do Christians believe that the afore mentioned sexual behaviors are un-natural and sinful?  Yes.  Do we want the misguided LGBTQ folks executed or imprisoned? Of course not; we want them healed.  Yet nine major Muslim countries such as Afghanistan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Iran have the death penalty for LGBTQ behavior and eleven more, including Algeria, Malaysia, Pakistan, and Syria impose harsh prison sentences. Yet Christians are the haters?

Don’t be fooled by thinking that those Muslims who migrate here have suddenly abandoned their faith in exchange for the “American Dream”.  Nor have those elected to positions of authority and power suddenly ditched their hatred for non-Muslims.  So why, then, is Islam given such positive promotion across our country by the cultural elite and liberal colleges?  It is plain to me that it is due to willful ignorance brought on by the hatred of Christians. Jesus said it would happen…yet it still caught me by surprise. I never thought I’d see the day where Christians would be told to not only to be quiet about their beliefs but even deny them in order to be a part of our American culture.

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Bro. Tony