Christian Speech Isn’t “Hate Speech”!

I’ve said several times that “hate speech” will be the main weapon against Christianity in our nation. I believe it to be a term purposefully coined to silence the church.  While its origin as a tool against racism was honorable and indeed lauded by people of faith, it quickly became weaponized to the point that Biblical doctrine is condemned and thus the preaching and teaching of such doctrine marks the teacher as “hateful” and therefore not relevant.  In fact, it is becoming the new normal to disregard a person from the public discourse if that person holds historical Christian beliefs.
Take Jack Denton, for instance.  Mr. Denton had served on the Student Government  Association  of Florida State University for three years and was elected president of the SGA.  He is also a devout Catholic and is involved with the school’s Catholic Student Union.  When the Catholic organization was discussing ways to financially support causes to advance racial justice, Jack Denton reminded them of certain positions held by a couple of the groups they we considering that are problematic to Catholic doctrine; specifically same-sex marriage and abortion. Unfortunately for him he noted the new holy grail of liberalism, Black Lives Matter and of course, the ACLU.
You can guess what happened.  He was, in essence fired, from the Student Government Association.  The group stated that they had no place for such hatred and prejudice.  Remember, he worked closely with them for three years and they never once noted anything hateful or biased in him.  He was dismissed solely because of his religious beliefs. He is suing them for discrimination (how ironic).  I would not be surprised if he isn’t soon the object of the left-wing terrorism of antifa and the BLM anarchists.  All because of what he and countless millions of others believe the Bible says.
Now, before you say that we have freedom of speech so we can preach and teach what we believe, listen to this.  I heard a young college student say, with others nodding in agreement, that freedom of speech does not include hate speech. Seriously. Under the guise of supposed “hate speech”, Christians are being falsely demonized and Christian doctrine is being censored and suppressed. Did you ever see that happening in America?  Me either.
Christian, do not be cowed into keeping silent about Biblical teaching and your beliefs. Stand up and bravely speak out.  If you follow Jesus the true haters will come out of the darkness.  Jesus, himself, said in John 15:18, “If the world hates you, keep in mind that it hated me first.” Wear the scorn of a Godless world as a badge of honor.

Bro. Tony